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At the end of the Summer after you graduate from Johnson, your Cornell Exchange account will be de-activated.  If you would like to continue using your Cornell email, you must take action.


Your options include:
  1. Do nothing.  By doing nothing, you are choosing to stop using your email address.In mid November, all email sent to your address will bounce and the sender will receive an error indicating that the message was not delivered.
  2. Use Cmail.  Cmail is a Google-provided email account that you may use permanently to continue using your address to send and receive Cornell email.
  3. Forward Your Messages.  You may choose to forward all messages sent to your Cornell address to a 3rd-party address such as a personal or work address.  If you choose this option, please note that you cannot send messages from your address.  The 3rd-party service you choose may also not allow your current Cornell messages to be imported.  The directions below will instruct you how to archive those messages in Windows.

Using Cmail

As a Cornell graduate, a Cmail account has been created for you.  You may begin using it immediately at; however, you must configure your email routing to begin delivering your messages to Cmail.  The following are guides on how to begin using Cmail and to migrate your email messages from Cornell’s Exchange, if you are using it, to Cmail.  

Please note: If you are using a Windows computer, in order to migrate your emails to Cmail, you must have Microsoft Outlook configured.  If you do not have Outlook, you may obtain a free trial copy provided in the guide below then follow the directions on the
Devices page to configure Outlook before proceeding with this guide.

If you are using a Mac, the guide includes instructions for both Outlook and Mac Mail.

Self-help Guides:

WindowsDownload PDF (Requires Adobe Reader)

Download PDF (Requires Adobe Reader)

Mobile Devices - After migrating to Cmail, follow this guide to configure your Smart Phone or Tablet.  Download PDF (Requires Adobe Reader)

Video Demonstrations:

If you have any questions about the steps involved in the guides, please take a look at these videos to see if your questions may be answered.

1.    How to Deliver Your New Emails to Cmail


2.    Using the Google Apps Migration Tool


2.      Configure Cmail to Accept Connections From Outlook

3a. Configure Outlook 2011 With Your Cmail Account

3b. Configure Mac Mail With Your Cmail Account

4.   Transfer Your Exchange Messages to Cmail


Forwarding Your Messages

This guide will help you forward your newly-received Cornell emails to a 3rd-party email address.  If you wish to import your old emails to your 3rd-party email system, please note that each email provider allows different functionality for importing your old Cornell emails if at all.  Some providers may require you to purchase an upgrade to import your old emails.  For these reasons, Johnson Technology Services is unable to provide directions for importing messages to a 3rd-party email system. 


To discover how your preferred email provider may allow you to import your old emails, please consult their help documents. 


Windows Download PDF (Requires Adobe Reader)

Mac - Follow Part 1 of the Windows guide to forward your messages.  You may continue using your current email application to view your old Cornell emails.