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Appendix B: Alcohol and Catering Guidelines for Events at Cornell University
Departments, organizations, clubs and other groups sponsoring events with alcohol and food may hire non-Cornell affiliated caterers but must follow these guidelines in order to facilitate effective communication between campus offices and to ensure that individuals planning events are aware of their responsibilities.

Events with Alcohol:

A "caterer's permit" must be obtained for the service of alcoholic beverages on the campus when any of the following conditions are met:

•Admission is charged or tickets are sold;
•Food is sold or provided by a caterer;
•Anything of value is exchanged for alcohol; and
•The group exceeds 50 people.
Obtaining a caterer's permit is the responsibility of the caterer. Individuals must contact a caterer at least 10 working days prior to the function in order to allow for proper notification to the New York State Liquor Authority.

This is a New York State law, and individuals planning events must abide by this law by working with a licensed caterer who meets Cornell's insurance requirement and such events must be registered with Student Activities, 520 Willard Straight Hall.

It is also the responsibility of the individual(s) planning the event, in conjunction with the licensed caterer, to ensure that the following laws are observed: The New York State Law Pertaining to Alcohol; The Open Container Law of the City of Ithaca; and the Alcohol Beverage Commission Regulations of the State of New York. Individual departments or Facilities Coordinators may impose other restrictions on areas in their jurisdiction on campus.

Events with Food:

A Certificate of Insurance issued by the caterer's insurance agent must be on file in Cornell's Office of Risk Management and Insurance. This document must show:

•Worker's compensation for all of the caterer's employees;
•Coverage in the amount of $1M in general liability, per occurrence, which includes products' liability; and
•Cornell must be named as "additional named insured" for the event.
Use of University Property Form & Liability Insurance:
Groups renting space for private functions are required to complete a Use of University Property Form and obtain sufficient liability insurance coverage for each event. Instructions for completing this form are attached (Appendix C). Please contact Mr. Allen Bova, Director of Cornell University Office of Risk Management & Insurance, for further information and details. Mr. Bova can be reached at (607) 277-1188; Fax: (607) 277-1181, or by e-mail:

For additional information, see Cornell's Alcohol Policy.

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