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You may e-mail a room request to Upon requesting a room and receiving confirmation of its availability, you must take one of the following three steps before your reservation can be finalized:

  1. Johnson Group and No Facility Support Required and No Food or Beverages Being Served: If you are a member of Johnson Community (faculty, staff, student), and you will not require any facility support for set-up or access to the space you have reserved, then your reservation is complete. You are completely responsible for accessing the room and leaving it clean and in order. Failure to leave the room in good order may result in loss of room reservation privileges for you or your group. Trash cans and garbage bags can be made available to the responsible party(ies), by contacting before the activity.
  2. Any Group Serving Alcohol or Serving Food or Facility Support Required or Non-Johnson School Group: If you will be serving alcohol or food at your event OR if you require facility support for setup or access, you must complete a Use of University Property Form before your reservation is complete. This form can be completed online at You must also complete the Sage Hall Room Request and Reservation Form before your reservation is complete. The form is available as Appendix D. Note: For non-Johnson groups, fees will be charged as outlined in the Schedule of Rooms, Availability and Fees section of this document. Your reservation will not be confirmed until an account number for billing purposes has been provided. You may receive a confirmation as to the availability of the space, but the actual confirmation is contingent upon receipt of an account number.

No food and only beverages in covered containers may be consumed in any of the Classrooms, on the Classroom (basement) level, at any time or in the corridors or hallways outside these facilities.

When scheduling events in Sage, such as Breakfast Meetings, Luncheons, etc., to be held in any of the Seminar or Conference Rooms, it is the responsibility of the individual/office booking the event to ensure that the room is cleaned afterwards; that is, the organizer must ensure that the caterers take responsibility for clearing out trash, cleaning tables and vacuuming the room, if necessary. Most caterers, when contracted, charge a "setup" fee. Caterers are not allowed to drop off food, etc., without arrangements being made for "breaking-down" the event. You may notice a charge, but, unless you are going to assume this role, you are urged to contract for this service as well. Clubs reserving rooms and/or departments/offices, to reiterate, may assume this responsibility, but it is not to be assumed that the Custodians will automatically re-clean these rooms during the day. Seminar, Conference and Classrooms are cleaned during the Third Shift (11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.). Vacuum cleaners, trash bags, etc. can be made available for the asking, if necessary. Please contact in advance. Classes are held throughout the day in these Seminar Rooms and meetings scheduled in the Conference Rooms. It is imperative that those following a scheduled event find a clean room in which to conduct classes or meetings. Failure to comply will result in the group, individual or office no longer being able to reserve rooms for future events.

No smoking is allowed in Sage Hall.

There will be no network access to non-Johnson members in Sage, including wired and wireless networks unless special arrangements are made in advance with our Chief Technology Officer at (607) 255-9426.

Reserving Breakout Rooms will be allowed infrequently and only during breaks and in the Summer.

Nothing is to be taped or tacked to any of the walls, doors, in the corridors or entries.

Rental tables and chairs, which should be provided by the caterers as the School has limited equipment, used in the Atrium, Parlor or Dining Room must have legs that are properly protected so as not to damage the floors. In addition, and equally important, delivery of tables, chairs and/or equipment used throughout the facility must be made through the Tunnel Entrance. Use of either the Sage Avenue or East Avenue entrances is forbidden.

The furniture in the Atrium is not recommended to be removed. Sponsors may use the tables and chairs available. If necessary to remove the furniture, to accommodate up to the maximum allowable 225 people, an additional $500 will be added to the fee to cover the cost of movers, to store the furnishings and replace them following the event. Also, Johnson does not have tables and chairs available. It will be the responsibility of the individuals sponsoring the event to rent these items.

No equipment, food, etc. can be dropped off at Sage prior to a function and nothing is to be left behind to be picked up later.

Caterers must be licensed and insured with Cornell and must hold a liquor license if alcohol is to be served. Staging facilities are available for use by caterers, but no other amenities; i.e. ice, refrigeration, ovens, etc. Cornell Dining requires that a member of their staff be available if the Dining Preparation Area is needed and a fee imposed of $20.00 an hour. Arrangements must be made for this area by contacting Cornell Dining directly with the request. (Specific guidelines regarding use of caterers and alcohol are attached, see Appendix B.) Note: deliveries must be made through the Tunnel Entrance and not from either East or Sage Avenues. For a list of caterers licensed to work on campus, please refer to the following website:

All trash is to be removed.

Outside users of the facility are restricted to the area reserved because Sage is an active teaching and research facility.

Schedule of Rooms, Availability and Fees (Excel Spreadsheet)

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