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Members of Johnson community may request reservations three months or less in advance of the proposed event; non-Johnson members, two months or less.

To confirm availability of the space being requested, please call the number indicated below. Reservations must be submitted, in writing, to the Registrar's Office at 106 Sage Hall with the following exceptions:

Room # Room Description Contact Phone E-mail
209 Dean's Conference Room Sara F. Scott
Shari Halladay
All Others Registrar's Office

The PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Dean’s Conference room Sage 209 is reserved for use by Dean Soumitra Dutta of Johnson. Before this room can be reserved it is necessary to send a proposal to the Dean’s Assistant Sara Scott at for prior approval. Please include in your request the purpose and intent of the meeting, list and bios of all attendees, length of time you wish to remain in the room, as well as reasonable cause of searching for other available rooms on campus.

Use of Rooms 333, 333A and the Faculty Lounge (Room 343) require the approval of the School's Policy Committee. The Registrar's Office will assume responsibility for obtaining this approval.

Reservations are not final until the Confirmation Form is received and accepted by the Johnson. You will be notified of confirmation. Any group serving food or alcohol or requiring facility support or any non-Johnson group: your reservation will not be confirmed until an account number for billing purposes has been provided. You may receive a confirmation as to the availability of the space, but the actual confirmation is contingent upon receipt of an account number. Prior to actually holding the event, it will be your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the University's Alcohol and Catering Guidelines for Events at Cornell University (Appendix B) and file the Use of University Property Form (Appendix C) or the Sage Hall Room Request and Reservation Form (Appendix D), if applicable.

If you need any special arrangements or the assistance of the Facilities Office in Sage, contact at least one week in advance of the event. The Room Request and Reservation Form is available as Appendix D.

Rescheduling and/or Cancellation Fees: If the reservation is changed after confirmation, a modest fee will be imposed to cover administrative costs. This fee will be 10% of the original rental rate. If the reservation is cancelled for any reason less than one week before it is to take place, a cancellation fee will be imposed. This fee will be 10% of the rental rate.

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