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Request for Facilities Services


The Facilities Office is responsible for reporting all repairs and maintenance problems for Sage Hall, as well as serving as the initial contact for renovations, environmental issues, safety hazards and/or violations. You should contact Sage Management first, in lieu of calling any of the shops, departments, or other offices directly.

Each campus building has its own Building Code and appropriate Standing Work Order Number(s), which relate to the appropriate Departmental Account Number(s) to be charged. Whenever a request is called in, an appropriate ticket is issued by Customer Service indicating the Trades Shop that is being assigned the work and the Departmental Account Number being charged. The ticket number is then reconciled monthly with the Cornell University Job Cost Invoice received in the Administrative Service Center.

When you are aware of a problem, contact Sage Management and report it. Problems are usually reported immediately and if you prefer, someone from the administrativeservices Office will notify you of the ticket number to verify that the problem has been reported.

Similar to reporting problems, if you desire to have specific maintenance work done; e.g., an additional electrical outlet installed, cosmetic repairs, or a carpet shampooed, etc., these, too, need to be coordinated with Sage Management. On other occasions when it is necessary to request services; i.e., for an event, sponsored by Johnson, being held in a building other than Sage - examples include the Dean's State of the School, Commencement, etc., you should contact the Facilities Office at or call X5-4691. This applies to having additional Custodial coverage at that venue or if other work such as assembling platforms, etc., is needed.

As many of you are aware, the Trades Shops are unionized and only union employees are allowed to work on campus. The cost of any repair or work done by the Trades Shops is astronomical. Occasionally, it is necessary to request estimates, prior to arranging for the work. This, too, is handled by the Facilities Office. Upon receipt of an estimate, the Facilities Office will contact the individual or office making the request. If it is determined that funding is available and the work is to be scheduled, a formal Request for Facilities Services (RFS) Form needs to be completed and submitted.

Request for Facilities Services Form (RFS)

As indicated above, the Request for Facilities Services Form along with the estimate, if applicable, should be completed and given to the Facilities Office. The Administrative Service Center or administrativeservices Office will be responsible for requesting the estimates. Customer Service will fill in the Section, "For Facilities Use Only" and return the departmental (yellow) copy to the Facilities Office. The information provided by the Customer Service Center will then be recorded and a copy of the form will be routed to the individual or office generating the request. It is self-explanatory. It is most important when completing this form is to pay attention to completing the section: "Description of Job/Services Requested." Please be as specific as possible in making your needs known to the Facilities Office and in completing the RFS.

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