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Equipment and Resources
All classrooms in Sage have a wide variety of sophisticated audio/visual and presentation equipment available during regular business hours. Video Teleconferencing Equipment is also available for rental in the following rooms: B01, B02, B05, B06, B08, B09, B10, B11, and the Parker Center. Wireless microphones are available in Rooms B01, B05, B06, B08, B09, B10, B11 and 141. In addition to the fee associated with teleconferencing, long distance telephone charges will be added, as applicable. If you need A/V and/or presentation equipment, contact Johnson's Technology Services Office at X5-6353. If A/V, teleconferencing or technical assistance is needed on weekends or outside regular business hours, you will be subject to a fee. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the request, as we have no dedicated service, but will try to arrange for someone to come in. If we are successful, you will be billed at the rate of $80.00 an hour with a three-hour minimum for an AV technician. To reiterate, there are no guarantees.


Flip Charts  
Overhead Projector  
Ceiling Mounted Projectors  
Network Wired or Wireless Connections for Windows Laptops  

PA System

Wireless PA/Microphone System  
VHS Tapes Not Available
Laptops Not Available
*Video Teleconferencing $360 for first hour and includes room charge and technical support; $25 per hour each hour thereafter.

*Video Teleconferencing is available only to Johnson community and University departments with special permission. Staff at Johnson are not responsible for messages during an event.

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