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All Breakout Rooms will be locked twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Any Johnson faculty, student or staff member will be able to access these rooms with a valid ID card.

Code of Conduct:

Breakout Rooms are available for group study in the following priority order:

  • Company interviewers who have reserved the Room, in advance, using Outlook;
  • Groups of Johnson students who have reserved the Room, in advance, using Outlook;
  • Groups of Johnson students who have not made an advance reservation; and
  • Other faculty and staff during weekday hours.

1. These facilities are not intended for single students' usage. Individuals are encouraged to study in the Library.

2. The School cannot be responsible for stolen items. You are encouraged NOT to leave any personal belongings in a Room unattended.

3. For security purposes, these Rooms will only be accessible by card access 24 hours a day to registered Johnson students with a valid Cornell ID. When leaving the room, even if only for a short break, do not prop open the door.

4. Please keep the maximum number of hours you reserve a room at one time to six hours. Your classmates will appreciate it.

5. Students cannot reserve rooms more than seven (7) days in advance.

6. If you have a 7:00 p.m. room reservation, exercise professionalism and be prompt and responsible. At least two (2) of the group members should be present within fifteen (15) minutes of the reservation time. If not, the reservation will be null and void and the room available for use by others.

Reservations take precedence over walk-ins.


For information on how to schedule Breakout Rooms using Outlook, please see Calendar Scheduling in Outlook.

For additional information please visit Breakout Rooms: Phone Numbers, Occupancy and Square Footage.

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