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Lockers, Day Lockers, Luggage Storage


There is a sufficient number of lockers to accommodate every Johnson student. Lockers are dispersed throughout the Classroom level. Assignments are random and overseen by the Registrar's Office. You are required to provide your own padlock (Center Sage sells locks) and if you loose your combination or inadvertently lock your keys in your locker, neither administrativeservices nor the Custodians can legally cut off any individual's lock. You will be expected to call a locksmith and personally incur the expense.

Day Lockers

There are 10 day lockers (and a few in each of the Restrooms on the ground level) located at the end of the corridor on the Northwest end of Sage Hall, Classroom level. If you enter Sage from the Tunnel entrance, near the D Parking Lot, they are straight ahead. These lockers can be used on a daily basis and will accommodate suits. Often, during the recruiting season, students will bring in their change of clothes and these lockers accommodate them nicely. You must bring in your own padlock. Please do not monopolize these lockers and be cognizant of the fact that during recruiting these lockers are in high demand.

Luggage Storage

The Club Room, B04 - Classroom Level, is available to Johnson students if you find it necessary to bring your suitcase because you are leaving directly from School on a trip. Access to the facility is via cardswipe. A luggage rack is available for security purposes. You will need to provide your own padlock. As is the case with any lock, neither administrativeservices nor the Custodians are legally allowed to cut off any pad locks in the event you lock your keys inside, etc.

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