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Cornell University is served by the AT&T Definity Network and Telecommunications Services Program. This system provides an array of features useful in any office environment. It provides the flexibility to place calls on hold, transfer calls and add third parties, to mention a few examples. Properly configured, Definity will alert the caller when a previously busy line becomes open, allowing you to successfully complete your call. Users who have Audix can send and receive Voice Mail messages. Procedures to invoke all of the features available are provided in The User's Guide available from the Administrative Service Center. If, after reviewing this material, you find additional features to which you would like to have access, please contact the Administrative Service Center.

The intention here is to describe many of the features offered, including placing orders, and information on how to use the equipment. All Telecommunications orders, including billing charges, requests for new extensions or jacks, changes in Call Pick-Up Groups, requests for Audix, Calling Cards, etc., are coordinated in the Administrative Service Center. It is suggested that you submit your requests in writing or by e-mail to theAdministrative Service Center.

AT&T 800 Service

The Johnson School has an 800 Service available to Alumni, Friends and prospective Students. Callers are able to dial directly into the Admissions, Development, Executive Education or Career Services Offices. The number is 800-847-2082. This service is limited to business calls and should not be used for personal calls. If you are the recipient of a call on the 800 Service and are asked to transfer it elsewhere in the University, you should politely decline to do so. The caller should be encouraged to place the call directly. Many assume that there is no charge for this service, but that is incorrect. The 800 Service is expensive, not to the caller, but to the School. Therefore, if a toll call is transferred to another office on Campus, the Johnson School is charged. Transferring calls within Sage Hall is permitted.

AT&T Calling Cards

AT&T Calling Cards are available and requests must be made through the Administrative Service Center. AT&T will accept only their own proprietary Calling (credit) Cards. These cards are similar to Credit Cards and toll calls made using the Calling Cards are billed directly to the individual's extension number.

AT&T has restricted the use of Calling Cards when placing some international calls from some public phones and hotel rooms. This action is in response to the fraudulent use of stolen Calling Cards. Calling Card calls may also be denied when they are placed from phones in hotel rooms and public phones in obvious high-traffic areas such as airports and bus or train stations in major metropolitan areas such as New York City or to numbers in some foreign countries such as Central and South America, the Caribbean Islands, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Middle East. If calling from a hotel room, the caller could charge a call to his/her room instead of against a Calling Card should they encounter a problem. If a cardholder anticipates that their travel and calling patterns could cause them to encounter such problems, AT&T can process an override order for an individual's Calling Card, but at least one week's advance notice is needed.

1 Send Message
2 Receive Incoming Messages
3 Record Personal Message
4 Check Outgoing Messages
5 Change Password
6 Administer Outcalling
*T Transfer Out of Audix
*R Return to Activity Menu
*D Delete Messages
* *X Exit Audix

Audix/Voice Mail

Audix, also known as Voice Mail, is available on most telephone instruments. If you do not have Audix and would like it, please contact theAdministrative Service Center and a request will be submitted. The cost of this service runs approximately $4.00 per month after the initial $50.00 installation charge. To access Audix from your extension or from another extension on-Campus, dial X4-4444. From a touch-tone instrument off-Campus, you must dial 254-4444. You will be asked for your extension number and password. When you have successfully accessed Audix, the following chart will help you find your way around:

For additional information, please see the Audix Access and Instructions Brochure.

Authorization Code

The Authorization Code is used to override any restrictions that might have been placed on a particular instrument. If you have a seven digit Authorization Code, you can override instruments restrictions and calls made will automatically be billed to your Departmental Account Number, rather than to the Departmental Account Number associated with the calling station. You can use any instrument restricted or otherwise and the billing will be charged to the Departmental Account Number designated when you requested the Code. If you are interested in this service, please contact the Administrative Service Center.

Conference Calls

Conference Calls may be initiated from either an analog or a digital campus telephone. For instructions, please visit the following website:

The University's Telecommunications Office is urging us to transition to Premiere Global Services. To set up a bridged conference call using Premiere Global Services , you need to contact the University's representative Chris Goebel at 1-866-913-8508. For more detailed information, please visit the conference call web page at

This change has no impact on long distance or calling card service, only Bridge Conferencing. All other current services with AT&T remain the same.


Personal Telephone Calls

The University will not permit employees to directly bill personal long distance calls to their University extensions. This policy was developed in response to departments' requests for relief from the cumbersome task of billing and collection activities associated with personal long distance telephone reimbursements.

Individuals needing to make long distance personal calls on a regular basis should arrange for a direct-payment method. Possibilities include a Telephone Calling Card, available on campus or at locations throughout Ithaca. The Kennedy Post Market offers cards at one cent ($.01) per minute with a forty-nine cent ($.49) connection charge. The Cornell Store offers cards at 4.9 cents ($.049) per minute with no connection charge. Another option is a Calling Card available from your local telephone service.

There may be an occasion when a Cornell faculty or staff member needs to make a personal long distance call due to a personal situation or emergency and a personal calling card is not available. Although the School will generally not require reimbursement for such calls in these exceptional situations, it is responsible for addressing patterns of abuse and/or personal use that would create University exposure under the tax law and other governmental regulations, not to mention inequitable practices.

To review the University policy in its entirety, please visit


When dialing long distance calls (9 + 1) or Operator-Assisted Calls (9 + 0) within the 607 Area Code, you must dial the Area Code. If you do not include the Area Code (607), you will receive an error tone and will have to redial the call. Local calls, calls made within the Ithaca community, are not affected. Calls made from Sage to Elmira or Watkins Glen, New York, are long distance calls and do require dialing the 607 Area Code in order to be completed.

Speaker Phones

The Administrative Service Center has a speaker phone available for conference calls which can be used with analog sets and the Dean's Office has equipment that can be used with digital instruments. If you need to make a conference call and would like to have access to a speaker phone, please feel free to contact the Administrative Service Center or the Dean's Office at X5-6418. Analog sets are beige or white and digital sets are black.

Speaker Phones are also available in Breakout Rooms: B02, B03, 121, 123, 125, 206, and 211.

Telephone Problems, Repairs, Trouble Calls

Whenever you are having a problem with your telephone instrument or line; i.e., no dial tone, you should call the Facilities Office at X5-0025 to request assistance. Facilities can also help you if you want to change a Call Pick-Up Group, change software, adjust the number of rings before a call goes into Audix or relocate, add or delete an instrument. Often we can fix some of the less serious problems and urge you to contact us vs. calling Telecommunications directly. If it is determined that Telecommunications needs to be involved, we will process a Trouble Ticket Request electronically on your behalf indicating the problem and telephone jack information CIT will need.

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