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Friday Memo

This Memo is published each Friday and contains information of interest to faculty and staff.

The purpose of this Memo is to cut down on the number of independent memos sent each week to faculty and staff and to consolidate non-time sensitive information. It is not intended to be a news publication but one to disseminate information or reminders on an "as needed" basis. Everyone may submit material to be included by routing it to Although, it is our intention to publish weekly, if there is either insufficient information or time constraints, the infamous Friday Memo has been known to come out on the following Monday. To reiterate, if you have time sensitive material, this may not be the medium of choice.

The Friday Memo is sent via e-mail. All Memos are saved electronically and are housed in a folder which you can access easily by:

  • Double clicking on "My Computer" on your Desktop;
  • Going to the Public Drive on "Sage-nw01" (P); and
  • Opening the "Friday Memos" folder
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