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Keys are issued by the Facilities Office. Upon employment, regular, full-time employees are provided with a key to the outside doors, and an office key. If additional keys are needed, requests should be directed to Sage Management. If you are requesting a key to another individual's office, it will be necessary to obtain the permission of that individual before the Facilities will issue the key.

It is important that you do not lend your key, or request a duplicate key, with the intention of giving it to a coworker or Student Assistant. If it is necessary that they have access to your area, and you approve, a second key can be issued to the individual you wish, simply for the asking. Do not pass your key on to the next individual who will occupy the office; i.e. upon termination, do not hand your keys over to your replacement; return them to the Facilities Office.

Records are maintained for security purposes and it is imperative that an accurate record of each individual having access to an office or area be recorded.

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