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There is a small inventory of furniture and equipment on hand. Space is, as you know, at a premium, so we do not maintain a larger supply for reallocation. If you are in need of an additional table, file cabinet, etc., contact Sage Management with your request. If what you need is not available, an order can be placed to purchase the item, assuming funding is approved. Similarly, if you would like to dispose of a piece of equipment or furniture, notifySage Management. With the exception of computer equipment, the responsibility for replacing and refurbishing should be coordinated with Sage Management.

All computer equipment requests must go through the School's Technology Services Office and you are encouraged to consult Technology Services at X5-6300 directly. Small dollar purchases (software, hardware, etc.) can be purchased via Financial Services. However, Technology Services should be consulted to confirm whether or not our present network can support the hardware (or software) you are requesting and/or offer alternatives. You are encouraged to work with them prior to requesting any new software, etc.

In accordance with the University's Office of Sponsored Programs, equipment purchased with funds from grants and/or contracts is the legal property of the School and not the Principal Investigator at the end of the contractual agreement, unless otherwise specified by the sponsoring organization. The Principal Investigator, at the discretion of the Dean, may continue to use, for educational purposes, any such equipment purchased, but may not dispose and/or transfer at his or her discretion.

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