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We are lulled into a sense of safety and security in Sage Hall as we are among friends and colleagues all day long. We can't imagine anyone walking off with any of our stuff, especially a computer!

Sage Hall is a public place and as such, care needs to be taken with all of our personal items; coats, boots, day timers, keys, PDAs, and of course, computers. What can one do?

There are three categories of protection: prevention, common sense and passive security.

  • We encourage people to own a CDRW drive or a similar device that allows one's own computer to have access to media that can be moved away from the computer.

    For as little as $7/month computers may be backed up automatically over the network: While Cornell does not presently offer this service, it is being investigated.

Our Help Desk (253 Sage Hall, X5-6300, can show you the steps to take to backup your important files.

Common Sense

  • For those working in offices; if you leave, even for a short time, close and lock the door.

  • When leaving, take your belongings with you, place them in your locker, secure them with a device or have a friend watch them.

Regarding personal safety, look for the Blue Light phones we have in several places in Sage Hall. Just pick the phone up and tell the officer what is happening.

When something has been stolen, as usual, please inform the Cornell Police (X5-1111 - However, we would also appreciate it if you would let us know so we can determine whether there are trends in terms of type of item stolen, time of day and location. Send an e-mail to

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