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Johnson Logos and Templates

You can download the Johnson logo in a variety of formats.

For Print: download zip file of logos for print

The Johnson logo needs to be printed at a minimum of 7/8" tall for all print applications. If you need to print on anything smaller than that, please contact Peter Krakow in Marketing and Communications for more information. The logo is to be printed with only the color combinations provided; no other color combinations are to be used. EPS files are for placement only, do not try to open the file. To use this file type, insert or place the graphic into the page you are using. If you have problems with this method, please contact Peter Krakow for more instruction. When resizing the logo, please remember to constrain the proportions so as not to morph the logo into an odd shape.

For Web or Screen: download zip file of logos for web or screen

The logos in this file are to be used for email signatures (those logos with the suffix .gif work best), web pages, presentations, and other screen applications. The web or screen applications of the logo should not be used for print ever. They are too low in resolution, will not print clearly, and thus will jeopardize the quality of the logo.

Download the email signature template, cut and paste its contents into your signature and then edit the text.

Please download the letterhead template of your choice, and fill in the appropriate information in the header.

Letterhead Template (Black and White)
Letterhead Template (Color)

Power Point
Johnson Power Point Template (Black)
Johnson Power Point Template (Red)
Johnson Power Point C Template (White)