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Financial Services will answer your travel related questions and will process your travel reimbursement. This includes answering questions about travel advances, air travel requisitions, registration for conferences, travel reimbursement questions, and submission of vouchers to the Division of Financial Accounting for final processing.

Prior to Travel - Travel Cash Advance
Note: Takes five to seven (5-7) Business Days to process an advance, please plan accordingly
Via Cash Advance:

  1. Fill out a Cornell University Travel Advance Request.
  2. The traveler signs the Advance Request which states that the advance account must be repaid.
  3. Send completed forms to Financial Services via intercampus mail or hand carry to Center for processing.
  4. If traveler has Direct Deposit, advance will be processed as direct deposit. Advance check will be mailed to campus address unless otherwise indicated on the request.

During or Post Travel - Reimbursement of Travel Expenses
There are 2 primary methods for Cornell University faculty, staff and students to arrange for payment of travel expenses after travel. Non-Cornell travelers (those without a Net ID) may only utilize the "hard copy" travel reimbursement process, 2. below:

  1. Online Travel System 
  2. Submission of Travel Reimbursement Form and Original Receipts 

Online Travel System
Travelers with a Cornell Net ID are expected to use the Online Travel System for submission of travel reimbursement requests.

Process of Preparation of Travel Reimbursements:

  1. Traveler, or designee, prepare and submit travel reimbursement via online system.
    • Indicate a Transaction Specialist in Financial Services as the "Payment Request Preparer": Stephanie Anderson (sma92), Irina Schmidt (is40), or Dawn Keefer (dek65)
    • Hit "SUBMIT" once all trip expenses have been entered
  2. Forward receipts, along with Cover Sheet from the online system, to the designated Transaction Specialist for review
  3. Transaction Specialist reviews on-line travel and will approve if complete, or will route back to the traveler for revisions or corrections if necessary
  4. Traveler makes corrections and resubmits the travel.

Detailed Steps for Preparing a Trip in the Online Travel System (PDF)

Travel Reimbursement Form with Original Receipts
Non-Cornell travelers (those without a Net ID) should utilize this travel reimbursement process.

Process of Preparation of Travel Reimbursements

  1. Traveler or assistant gathers and organizes original receipts and fills out Travel Reimbursement Form to support reimbursement request within 30 days of completion of travel.
    • The web link to information about Corporate Cards, Direct Deposit of Non-Payroll Payments, Current Mileage Rates, and Current Per Diem Rates is
  2. Traveler or assistant forwards original receipts to Financial Services.
  3. If traveler keeps a separate detailed list of expenses which were incurred, there is no need to rewrite information on the worksheet. Simply write "see attached sheet" and have traveler sign the worksheet. The worksheet MUST have the traveler's signature.

Financial Services Responsibility

Cash Advance
Financial Services processes the advance by approving and forwarding to Cornell Financial Affairs. Financial Services is responsible for clearing receivables account after trip is completed.


  1. Financial Services reviews original receipts and documentation.
  2. Financial Services checks with traveler/assistant/department if there is need for clarification, missing information or documentation, or problems with the reimbursement paperwork.
  3. Financial Services prepares on-line payment travel payment and queues to traveler for approval. The traveler will be able to view the information to confirm that the travel is prepared correctly.
  4. The traveler approves on-line travel and it is returned to FBSC representative.
  5. Financial Services assigns account distribution, approves payment and forwards to accounting where advance accounts will be cleared, if necessary, and checks or direct deposits generated to the traveler in 7 to 10 days.

Cornell Travel Advance Request
Travel Reimbursement Form
Information for Foreign Nationals

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