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University Business Mileage Reimbursement Rates

–Business or First Class Travel

All airline tickets should be purchased using the University's Corporate Credit Card, either American Express or Diner's Club, to take advantage of the discounts available. Departments, colleges or units should not be purchasing airline tickets for which a traveler will be reimbursed from another institution, corporation, etc. This is an unallowable expense according to the University's Business Expense Policy 3.14.

The School generally will not reimburse for Business or First Class Travel. You may use frequent travel miles to upgrade to Business/First Class if you wish. The exception to this policy is:

    * If you have prior approval from the Dean, or his designee, before embarking on the trip. Such approval, which will not be automatic, will take into consideration the incremental cost of Business/First Class travel over discounted Coach Fare, the purpose of the trip and the itinerary. Please allow one (1) week for such approval.

University Policy

Cornell does not reimburse for tickets acquired with frequent flyer miles. If you purchase premium airfare, include a letter of explanation approved by the dean of your college, university vice president, vice provost, or direct designee. Otherwise, you will be reimbursed for coach airfare.

Note: This letter is not required on international flights with flight time greater than six hours if the additional expense is permitted by the funding source.

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