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If you participate in Direct Deposit of your payroll check, you may elect to have direct deposit payments from accounts payable.

Funds will be deposited to the bank account designated on your payroll electronic deposit authorization form. If more than one account is listed on the payroll form, the accounts payable payment will be deposited into the last bank account listed.

If you wish to participate in Direct Deposit of accounts payable checks, you must enroll using the form at

You will be notified when the set-up process is complete (please allow 2-5 business days).

Once you are set up, all vouchers processed will be paid by Direct Deposit. For each voucher, an e-mail notification will be sent stating the amount, a brief description of the payment and the estimated deposit date.

When submitting a receipt for payment to your Administrative Assistant or Financial Services, please indicate "Direct Deposit" on the upper right hand corner of the voucher.

If you have questions, please contact or Financial Services.

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