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Non–Travel Related

There are a variety of instances where Johnson students, faculty, staff and sometimes guests, may seek reimbursement for non-travel related expenses from the school. Financial Services can process such reimbursement requests, provided that the individual can provide original receipts, clearly describe the business purpose for the expenses, and has the ability/permission to apply these charges to an account at Johnson. Financial Services collects this information via Johnson Reimbursement Request Form.

Reimbursement payments for Cornell employees can be made via direct deposit, if the employee is enrolled in direct deposit for accounts payable with Cornell University. To set up direct deposit for these non-payroll payments go to the Accounts Payable Direct Deposit page.

Reimbursement payments for non-employees will be made by check.

Travel Related

Financial Services will answer your travel related questions and will process your travel reimbursement. This includes answering questions about travel advances, air travel requisitions, registration for conferences, travel reimbursement questions, and submission of vouchers to the Division of Financial Accounting for final processing. For more information, please visit Travel Advances & Reimbursements.

Johnson Reimbursement Request Form (PDF)

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