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–Procurement Cards

University Procurement Card Policy 3.12
Business Expense Policy 3.14

What is a Procurement Card?
A procurement card (Pcard) is a credit card that may be used by a University employee to make business related purchases for specific goods and services of less than $500 per transaction, which will be billed directly to a specific University account.

Financial Services is responsible for final processing of charges and/or credits to your Pcard. This includes processing of charges to your PCard from the APPS system and the retention of receipts as the responsible point of contact for auditing.

Obtaining a PCard:

  • Supervisor requests application for applicant from Financial Services, upon completion requests approval from the Financial Services Manager.
  • Upon approval applicant will complete tutorial, Financial Services training with Account Representative, pass the online PCard Tutorial Quiz, Sign "Cardholder Agreement" and send the completed application to Credit Card Programs.
  • Applicant will receive the PCard via US Mail.

Department (Cardholder) Responsibility:

  • Read and understand the PCard policy.
  • Pcard holder obtains receipts for all Pcard purchases at time of purchase (detailed packing slip can serve as original receipt). If ordering over the phone, cardholder will ask for mailed and/or faxed receipt.
  • PCard holder immediately forwards original PCard receipt to Financial Services with the Procurement Card Receipt Attachment Form
    1. If receipt is not available, PCard holder will forward documentation to Financial Services which states the following (detailed packing slips can serve as original receipts):
      • What was purchased (item description and price)? Description of item(s) purchased
      • Why was it purchased (How does it relate to research or project (business purpose)?
      • Where was it purchased (merchant name)? Vendor name
      • When was it purchased (date of transaction)? Date
      • Document efforts that were made to obtain original receipt.
      • Total Cost
    2. PLEASE NOTE: If an original receipt or explanation is not received within 10 days of purchase, and the transaction "auto clears", the cardholder will receive an email notification of non-compliance from Financial Services.
      • Upon receipt of three email notices of non-compliance the Pcard will be suspended for at least 30 days.
      • PCard holder will review their monthly statement for accuracy. You have 60 days from the statement date to dispute charges. Sign statement and forward to Financial Services.
Financial Services Responsibilities Process
  • Financial Services will match up charges to an original receipt and review to ensure that the purchase is authorized and allowable according to policy.
Helpful Reminders
  • Conference registrations can be paid for with PCard if <$500, turn in receipt at time of registration, not time of travel
  • On campus purchases - i.e. Campus Store can be made in excess of $500.
  • If an item can lend itself to personal use or would not be clear to an auditor, please be more descriptive.
  • Sales Tax: Most merchants accept the PCard as sufficient evidence as exemption but some require additional documentation. If vendor insists on tax, pay tax and your accounts representative will try and have it credited.
  • You can contact US Bank directly to inquire about a transaction, report a lost or stolen card. US Bank customer service can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days per week at (800) 344-5696. Outside the United States, call collect (701) 461-2010.
  • Gift certificates / meal cards are prohibited transactions
  • Flowers purchased for a co-worker for a "happy" occasion - i.e. wedding, baby are prohibited. Please take a collection.

Procurement Card Receipt Attachment Form (PDF)
Information Update Form
Charge Dispute Form (PDF)
Sample Procurement Card Transaction Log (PDF)

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