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There are various methods by which departments and individuals will need to arrange for purchases, and subsequent payment to vendors. These include:

A.– Petty Cash
A $500.00 Petty Cash Fund for School use is available through Financial Services. If you need funds for small dollar purchases to conduct experiments, purchase food or supplies for which you do not have a Procurement Card, etc., you may request money from these funds. The money is replenished once proper receipts have been provided.

B.– Procurement Cards
Departments/Individuals may directly pay charges under $500 by Procurement Card

C.– Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders are set up for any contracted goods or services, and for any charge over $5,000. There are 3 types of Purchase Orders:

  • Standard
  • Blanket - set up for vendors with whom you have a regular, repeating business relationship
  • Graphics - specialized request for Graphics projects

Requirements for requisition of a purchase order (see below)

D.– Direct Payment to Vendors:
For one-time charges over $500 but under $5,000, Departments/Individuals may request payment to be made by the Financial Services using the Direct Payment to Vendors form.

E.– Direct Billing to Johnson:
Some vendors have agreed to directly bill Johnson for goods and services (i.e. many local restaurants and caterers). Again, Departments/Individuals may directly pay charges under $500 by Procurement Card. If this billing will be over $500, the Department/Individual should inform Financial Services of the necessary information to process payment including original, itemized receipts or packing slips and the completed Direct Payment to Vendors form.

Department/Individual Responsibility to Request a Purchase or Blanket Order:

1. Purchaser makes a request to purchase through Cornell Purchasing WebForms.

  • The following information is required (i.e. vendor information (if known), catalogue numbers, brief description of what you are ordering, dollar amount, shipping address, account information, business purpose).
  • When completing WebForms please select Lorie Gordinier (ljg36) as the 'Approvers email' and one (1) of the Transaction specialists, Stephanie Anderson (sma92), Irina Schmidt (is40), or Dawn Keefer (dek65) as the 'Department Admin email.' Doing so will automatically route the request to Financial Services.

2. Purchaser submits the Purchase Order Request Form to financial Services electronically. Once you electronically submit your completed form, your request will go to the next step in the approval process, and a transaction specialist will enter the requisitions into the APPS (Automated Procurement and Payment System).

3. Purchaser notifies Financial Services when the goods or services have been received. (Sending the packing slip or an e-mail to Financial Services for documentation.)

Financial Services Responsibilities and Process:

  • Assist in determining and executing the most efficient way to purchase goods and services while meeting Cornell policies and audit standards.
  • Handle the creation, renewal, revision, and payment of standard and blanket orders.
  • Work with the department to complete all necessary forms, such as request for proposal and sole justification.
  • Ensure that all required paperwork is sent to Purchasing for processing.
  • E-mail status of purchase order (including PO number) to Purchaser.
  • Follow through with Purchasing on status of order based on receipt of information from Purchaser.

Johnson Direct Payment to Vendors (PDF)
Cornell University Purchasing Forms
Cornell University Purchasing Web Forms

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