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Sample Letters

Fall outreach:

Dear Jack:

While we were students, private gifts from alumni and friends supported programs and student activities that benefitted us in ways we may not have realized at the time. This fall, I invite you to join me in supporting the Johnson Annual Fund. Your Annual Fund gift has immediate impact, and allows Dean Joe Thomas to strengthen academic and student programs, faculty research, library acquisitions, and facilities.

Thanks to the generosity of its alumni, the Johnson Annual Fund set new school records last year with over $2.5 million raised from 2,710 donors in FY 2011.  We have set our sights even higher for this year’s goal of $2.7M from 2,805 donors.   I will be calling you in the next week or two to update you on what is happening at the Johnson School and to ask you to consider making a gift this year. Your annual support is a testament to your belief in the Johnson experience and the value it adds to your professional life, to the global business community, and to society.


Thank you for your past support. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


With kindest regards,


Volunteer Name, MBA ’xx

Fall outreach in a reunion year

Dear Jack:

This June, our Johnson class of XXXX will celebrate its XXth Reunion. Programming will include alumni and faculty presentations, a “State of the School” address by Dean Joe Thomas, {class specific gathering}, a wine tasting, and much more!  Most importantly, reunion will give us a chance to reconnect with each other, and our shared network of Johnson alumni.


Although many years have passed since we graduated, I remain very proud of the education I received at Johnson. Many refinements have been made in the curriculum; however, it remains one of the most agile and pioneering. The small community atmosphere within the school continues, and this allows for an intensive performance based learning experience.


Performance learning equips students with the hands-on experience they need to be successful in the evolving business environment. Management techniques and fundamentals, an emphasis in areas such as engineering or sustainability, and the cultivation of global strategy skills and innovation are all parts of this learning environment. Within a business setting, Johnson students develop their understanding of management frameworks and how to apply them to real business situations, while receiving continuous feedback from the experts who surround them.


In other important areas, Johnson is executing an important strategic plan which will enhance its global strategy.  The school is also developing additional career management programs to ensure that our students and alumni have the tools they need to be successful in this challenging job market.  For example, Johnson has added additional career treks for students and buses have been rented to transport students to more cities. Temporary staff has been hired to contact employers who were not likely to recruit on campus, but who were happy to post positions because of our outreach.  Annual Fund contributions help to make these investments possible.


Johnson taught us that collaboration and community are part of what keeps a business one step ahead of the competition. Please join with me in supporting the school's Annual Fund.  I hope you will consider a gift of $(XXX) to the Johnson Annual Fund in honor of our XXth Reunion.  In times such as these, your commitment will be particularly appreciated and will truly make a difference.


Best regards,



Your Name, MBA ’XX

Class Agent, XXth Reunion Campaign