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Assignment Checklist

Many volunteers say they are amazed at the relationships they form through their class agent role. They enjoy the opportunity to connect with classmates each year and feel it strengthens their own connection to Johnson. We hope you have a similar experience!

  • Attend a class agent training and networking meeting or teleconference
  • Review the assignment chooser list for your class - Send the names of classmates you wish to contact to Johnson AAD staff.
  • Make your own gift to Johnson - It is most effective to ask classmates to join you in supporting Johnson. Know and articulate your own reasons for supporting the school.
  • Know the different ways to make a gift - Alumni may chose to send a check by mail, or make credit card gifts on our secure website, over the phone, or by mail. The Office of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning is ready to assist with gifts of appreciated securities, mutual fund shares, life insurance, or real estate. Matching gifts from an employer count toward giving society membership and class fundraising goals. (See Ways to Make a Gift for more information.
  • Determine how you will contact your assigned classmates - Many class agents find it most convenient to send a personal email with the online giving link. Sample email text, email postcards, and letters are available on the Johnson intranet, JConnect. Others prefer to reach out by phone, letter or with a handwritten note. Stationary and note cards are provided in your class agent binder.
  • Connect with them and ask them to join you in supporting Johnson - Convey some of the exciting things taking place at Johnson, share your reason for giving, ask the person to join you in supporting the school.
  • Thank them! - Thank them for their time, for their consideration, and for their gift.
  • Send the information you  promised - Forward the correct Johnson online giving link.  Mail them the top portion of their pledge card if you have it, along with a business reply envelope, and note of thanks.  Request a pledge card be sent from Johnson AAD staff if necessary.
  • Report back to your Johnson staff contact - Please use the Assignment Results Form to communicate any updated information you receive such as changes in family or contact information, personal stories, special connections, or specific interests at Johnson.