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2012 Solicitation Guide


“Johnson graduates know how to harness the collective strength of others to create extraordinary results.”

The Johnson Mission:

To develop business leaders who create, transform and sustain successful organizations around the world, generate research and scholarship that shapes the future practice of management, and train the next generation of business scholars.

· This mission explicitly embraces teaching (including our PhD program) and research.  Included under teaching are admissions, teaching programs and curricula, placement, and alumni involvement in those activities.  Included under research is support for research activities and dissemination of research findings.

· This mission is consistent with the goal of consistently being recognized as one of the top 10 business schools in the world.

The Johnson Annual Fund

Financial support from alumni is necessary to ensure Johnson’s ability to carry out its mission, and to secure its long term success. Tuition alone does not provide the resources necessary to retain and advance the school's leadership and competitive ranking among peer schools. The Annual Fund provides Dean Thomas with unrestricted resources to make strategic investments where the need at Johnson is greatest.  As Dean Thomas notes, “Support from the Annual Fund becomes our margin for excellence.”

Why support the Johnson Annual Fund?

Gifts to the Annual Fund are put to work immediately as part of the school's operating budget. These gifts support financial assistance for students, faculty recruitment and hiring, curriculum development, and the infrastructure of the school in a variety of ways each year.

In fiscal year 2011, the Johnson Annual Fund reached over $2.5 million. To put this amount in perspective, $2.5 million in unrestricted Annual Fund support has the current-year spending power of a fifty million dollar endowment. Every gift matters.