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Executing Your Job Search

As with most things in business, success comes down to solid preparation and passionate execution. This section is divided into three main categories: On-campus recruiting, off-campus recruiting, and U.S. job search by international students.

The On-Campus Recruiting section provides you with the keys to successful on-campus searches, a planning calendar, overview of on-campus recruiting functions and interviewing, plus provides you with a quick reference guide for CJ Online.

The Off-Campus Recruiting section will tell you they type of student who conducts an off-campus search. Here's a hint ... most if not all of you should utilize off-campus techniques even if you hope to find a job through on-campus recruiting. This section provides you with the keys to a successful off-campus search and gives you an activity to help you prepare for your search.

The U.S. Job Searches by International Students section offers international students advice on strategies for a successful job search and well as gives you an activity to complete your international action plan.